Irish Ambulance Training Institute

Ireland’s Premier Ambulance & Emergency Services Training

We are a PHECC accredited Ambulance Training Institute. We are delivering training to the members of the public, voluntary associations, and members of the ambulance services nationwide. Our faculty consists of Paramedics and Advanced Paramedics

The Irish Ambulance Training Institute – Career Path College is a leading provider of training in both Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and Healthcare fields. We provide a range of PHECC and QQI accredited courses. Our PHECC courses range from First Aid

Response (FAR) through to professional level courses such as Emergency Medical Technician (NQEMT) and Paramedic Upskilling. We also offer a suite of QQI Level 5 (formerly FETAC) courses to suit people working in or seeking work in Care Home settings.

We work with private individuals, groups, organisations and state bodies to ensure that their training needs are met and that they are trained to the highest standards. We also work with a large number of state services clients.

Our clients include;

The Emergency Services, Coastguards, Voluntary Organisations, Hospitals, Adult Education Centres and a number of other services nationwide

Our courses include:

Cardiac First Response – Community (CFR-C)- PHECC
Cardiac First Response – Advanced (CFR-A)- PHECC
First Aid Responder (FAR)- PHECC
Emergency First Response (EFR)- PHECC
Emergency Medical Technician (NQEMT)- PHECC
Basic First Aid, Paediatric First Aid, Manual Handling & Patient Moving

EMT Upskilling, Paramedic Upskilling, EMT CPC Courses
IHF – ‘Hearsaver AED’ and IHF – ‘BLS for Healthcare Providers’
First Aid Response (PHECC Accredited)
Care Skills (QQI code: 5N2770)
Nursing Theory and Practice (QQI code: 5N4325)
Safety & Health at Work (QQI code: 5N1794)
Care Support (QQI code: 5N0758)

Work Experience (QQI code: 5N1356)
Palliative Care Support (QQI code: 5N3769)
Human Growth & Development (QQI code: 5N1279)
Care of the Older Person (QQI code: 5N2706)
Infection, Prevention & Control (QQI code: 5N3734)
Communications (QQI code: 5N0690)
Anatomy & Physiology (QQI code: 5N0749)